Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Our Business is to Keep Your Business Healthy!

RediMed Offers Many Services to Regional Businesses:

  • Urine Drug Screening with Medical Review Officer
  • DOT & Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Back to Work Determination
  • Respiratory Clearance & Fit Evaluations
  • Periodic Health Assessments
  • Breathalyzer Testing
  • Back Screening Examinations
  • Hair Testing for Drug Screening
  • Audiometry (Meeting OSHA Standards)
  • X-ray, Laboratory, Cardiopulmonary and Physical Therapy Services on site
  • Asbestos Physicals
  • Ergonomics Assessment

Many X-ray procedures and laboratory tests are performed on-site so there are no delays in obtaining prompt and accurate diagnoses.

If you are interested in occupational medicine services through RediMed for your business, please call 989-667-0491 for more information.